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Hello, everyone!

My name is Athina, author and creator of all content found on this website. I’m an MSc Health Psychology graduate and self-employed video game content creator for Microsoft’s Minecraft Marketplace.


Due to my writings being at an academic level supported with sources, anyone can treat them as an easy way to copy and claim as their own.

I have access to several internet-based plagiarism-detection services, such as Turnitin, and I can be notified for any plagiarisms detected.

If you plagiarize my writings, I will contact your university or institute and you may face punishment.

If you are interesting in writing the same topics and use the same sources, you are free to do so in your own way and you can e-mail or tweet me for any questions.

Academic Background

BSc in Psychology at New York College

BSc in Psychology at Cardiff Metropolitan University | City Unity College of Athens

MSc in Health Psychology at Cardiff Metropolitan University  | City Unity of Athens


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